Connections Team

There are a wide variety of roles that the Connection Team covers.  Below you will find the roles and a brief description of what each serving opportunities entails.  Take a look at each of the areas to see what role fits your season of life.

It begins in the parking lot. The parking team is a friendly group of people who are the first face of PCN. This team, literally, makes the first impression on every guest. Volunteering in the parking lot isn’t about putting cars into parking spaces, but about creating a friendly environment where people feel genuinely welcomed.

The greeters actively demonstrate God’s love with every smile and hello. Conversations are short, but the potential to make a lasting impression is immeasurable. Do you have a cheerful smile and enjoy welcoming people? Greeters are energetic, talkative, and friendly.

The main goal of this position is to be a warm welcoming face to those attending PCN. This team will answer questions, provide information and direct guests to where they need to go. When people are comfortable, we believe that they are more open to what the Lord has for them.

We believe that any time we welcome people into our building that providing excellent hospitality honors the Lord. Serve in the cafe and interact with our guests while providing hot cups of coffee, water, donuts and other various snacks all while maintaining a clean and presentable environment!

Creating a worship experience that is distraction-free and focused on the gospel is an essential element of every Sunday morning. Ushers are responsible for welcoming guests to the worship experience, helping them find a seat, and minimizing distractions so that they are relaxed and ready to focus all their attention to the worship service.

The bus ministry exists to provide rides for those who do not have the means to drive to PCN. Drivers are responsible for safely transporting guests to, and from, the Sunday morning worship service.



To learn more about this ministry, connect with a ministry leader!